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What's Your Risk Number?

What's Your Risk Number?

Every person is unique and has certain characteristics and qualities that make them who they are.  In the same way, every investor has a unique tolerance regarding risk and reward that is frequently independent of age.  When an advisor or financial columnist stereotypes an investor, they're not seeing or treating each person as a unique individual with their own appetite for risk.  Many young investors are not "aggressive," and many older investors are not "conservative."  By classifying you improperly and in generality, they are telling you that they don't really need to know you to determine how you should be invested and how much risk you are willing to accept in your investment portfolio.  They are the professional, the learned and you are just a number, another client who can bring revenue to their firm. 

A 5-minute questionnaire covers topics such as portfolio size and top financial goals, while showing real dollar amounts of how much you are willing to risk for potential gains. Once complete, you will have a personalized Risk Number®. It’s fast, free, and displays your number instantly.

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